Torrentz Proxy Sites and Working Mirror Links for 2020

Torrentz used to be one of the greatest torrent sites back in 2012. Many users have benefited to its user-friendly interface and daily updates on content. But since its demise in 2016, Torrentz was missed by its loyal fans. And so, there came the rise of Torrentz proxy sites.

Who could not love Torrentz? It has the simplest interface which only shows a user menu and a search panel. If there is something that you want, just type in the keyword or keywords, and you shall have it. It is that simple.

Torrentz Proxy Sites

Torrents Proxy Sites

Now, we know why you came here. And that is just what we have prepared for you. We have listed a good and working collection of Torrentz proxy sites and mirror inks that actually work in 2019. Well, at least they are working by the time we published his article. Check out our list.

As mentioned earlier, these Torrentz proxy links are tested to work around the time this article was posted. If in case that one or more links provided here are not working anymore, please do tell us. You can do that by leaving the inaccessible link down at the comment section. We will try to find more proxy links and mirror sites for you.

Get Online Protection with VPN for Torrentz

The Internet is a dangerous place. And what’s even more dangerous is accessing torrent sites. These domains are often surrounded by shady individuals that could target you at any moment. So to protect your internet activities, you should be using a VPN app.

A mere local antivirus is not enough as protection from online entities. The best protection is not being traced, located, or seen when you visit any website not just proxies. That is what VPN can offer you—the cloak of online invisibility.

What is VPN?

Now, for those of you who are new to learning about VPN, let me explain it to you the easiest way. You see, VPN or Virtual Private Network is an internet tool to help you mask your online presence. It creates a virtual online tunnel that keeps you off the grid even from your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

There are many VPN apps and services available today. But only a handful can provide a superior and untraceable IP address. And if you are invisible, no one can target you if you happen to visit a shady website.

Another use of VPN is to bypass geo-blocking from anywhere in the world. That means that even if a country like China is inaccessible for your IP address, you can always find a way to pass through its restriction. This is also applicable for any country in the world with geo-blocking feature.

Now, if your privacy means so much to you, then VPN is your answer. So if you do not have a preferred VPN yet, we have some great recommendations for you.

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • StrongVPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • SurfShark

This list shows the best we have tried so far. And if you are still unsure, try the TunnelBear and Windscribe first, as well as our other movie sites. They usually offer free trials so you can try the merchandise first. Otherwise, we recommend that you choose the premium version.


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