Limetorrents Proxy Sites and Working Mirror Links for 2020

Limetorrents is a library for torrents. By library, we mean that this site is only offering the links from other websites or sources. They do not actually store files like videos and music, by do they store links to magnet torrents effectively. And that is not an overstatement. But Limetorrents’s site is not easily accessible to all. That is why we need to use Limetorrents proxy sites and working mirror links to get access.

One other notable benefit of Limetorrents is the fact that it has verified torrent files. That means there is a high possibility that your intended torrent file to download has been checked and verified by other users. To make sure that you get the verified ones, go to the “Top Torrents” tab.

Limetorrents Proxy Sites

Limetorrents Proxy Sites

Now, going back to Limetorrents accessibility issue, many countries blocked this site. Obviously, it is due to the fact that the site is known for copyright issues such as piracy as the main reason. Well, that is entirely true.

Within the site, you will find numerous new videos and TV shows that are only available on paid sources or stations. The site also offers apps and games that are supposedly paid in nature. But not all the files here are only for piracy. There are also some downloadable from Limetorrents that are open-source or simply free to download.

Anyway, you get the point. Now, let’s head straight to what exactly lead you here—Limestorrents proxy sites and working mirror links. Check out our list.

We have checked and tested all these Limetorrents proxy sites and mirror links. We can vouch that they are working and safe. Well, that is at least around the time this article was published. After a while, some of these links might stop working. Or perhaps, its admin will abandon the domain name due to some legal issues.

If you guys happen to find any links that do not work anymore or inaccessible, please do report it in the comment section below. It would mean us a lot if we can keep track of which proxy link is dead or just blocked by your ISP.

Get protected with VPN

Downloading files from torrent sites could be dangerous for those whose computers are not protected. And I am not talking about your antivirus software. That thing can only do local protection. What happens when you go online?

You see, an antivirus can detect an attack from a code, software, or some irregular software behavior. And that happens because you are visible with your online presence and your browsing activities.

You can prevent that from happening if you have the VPN software. It is an app or service that can hide you from online prying eyes no matter what website or activity you do using the internet.

What is the VPN for Limetorrents?

A VPN app is a tool that bypasses regular internet pathways that could be used to track your browsing activities. It basically uses a virtual tunnel that makes you look like browsing within the safe zones of your internet. But in fact, you are browsing somewhere else unnoticed and undetected.

On the site you are visiting, you are browsing as someone else. So if anyone targets you while on a torrent site or other risky domain names they will not be able to pinpoint your exact location.

Also, another use of VPN is to give you unrestricted access to the internet. That means you can visit websites that block your IP address. This feature includes geo-blocking restriction. You can now visit websites that are based on countries that usually do not let external entities to have access to them.

You can start choosing your next VPN app using our recommendations. Here are the five best VPN apps we have tried so far that lives up to our expectations.

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • StrongVPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • SurfShark

Some of them offer a free trial period or free trial data. You can use that first, so you will have some idea on how a VPN works or if a VPN suits your needs. If the site only shows unreachable page, your IP address could just be blocked. So use a VPN to bypass that fence that’s keeping you from accessing Limetorrents.


Now, good Limetorrents proxy sites are rare and they often last briefly. So in case you find a dead link, please do report them in the comment section below. We appreciate the heads up as early as possible. Thank you.

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