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Established in 2002, located in Warsaw (HQ), Kraków and Wrocław, Poland, CD PROJEKT RED was born out of raw passion for video games. The studio’s founders: Michał Kiciński and Marcin Iwiński, both pioneers in video game distribution in Poland in the 90s, decided to employ their gaming industry experience in video game development.

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There is an inner fire, fueled in every member of the studio. It comes from what we surround ourselves with, from the games we play, from where we live and who we are accompanied by. We want to hone that fire and make it grow. It’s what makes the games we create so unique.

We want to tell breathtaking, mature stories to global audiences, without losing the attention to detail that has made us who we are today. The studio is home to well over 550 game-making professionals from all over the globe. We speak many different languages but share one love — games.

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Thanks to this approach, we offer you what others cannot — an opportunity to make games you’d like to play and the freedom to express yourself by creating what you love.

Key Point: Bigger doesn’t always mean better, or worth the cost. The U.S. Navy’s most powerful battleships were never actually built. The five Montana-class battleships, leviathans designed to dwarf even the giant Iowa-class battleships, were authorized for construction but never built, victims of the ascendance of naval aviation. Nearly as large as a modern supercarrier the Montana-class, like all battleships, was made obsolete by the success of the aircraft carrier.

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government, recognizing the deteriorating world situation, sought to rebuild U.S. naval power. The crash of the stock market in October 1939, as well as the Washington and London naval treaties, had slowed the growth of the U.S. Navy and reduced its tempo of peacetime operations. By 1940, however, with fighting raging in Asia and Europe, it was clear the United States needed to beef up its defensive capability to deter attack—or to prosecute a war if it were dragged into conflict.

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Navy that followed. One set of authorized ships: five Montana-class battleships to complement the Numerous proposals were floated for the Montana-class ships, though they all had one thing in common: they were considerably larger than the Iowas. The Iowa class battleships were 860 feet long, displaced 58,000 tons fully loaded, and featured nine 16”/50 caliber main guns.

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Speed would have been 28 knots, slower than the Iowa-class’ 33 knot top speed. The Montanas—Montana, Ohio, Maine, New Hampshire, and Louisiana—would be slower than the Iowas but much more heavily armed and armored. One of the first designs of the class—which never made it off paper—was for an 860-foot-long warship with a displacement of 52,000 tons with a trial displacement of 64,500 tons.

The twelve guns would have been installed in four three-gun turrets, two forward and two aft, to the Iowa classes’ two forward and one aft. Secondary armament would consist of twenty 5-inch/38 caliber dual-purpose guns capable of anti-ship, amphibious landing support, and anti-air defense. By March 1940, Navy ship architects floated a new, even bigger design: a battleship 1,050 feet long, with a waterline beam of 120 feet.

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The main battery would have stayed the same, but the secondary battery would feature twenty 5-inch/54 caliber guns. The longer barrel length on the new 5-inch guns resulted in a higher velocity and longer range, thus increasing the size of the battleship’s protective bubble against aircraft. Officially, the U.S. Navy states the Montanas would have been a compromise between the two designs, though on the high end.

Top speed would have been the same as previous ships, maxing out at 28 knots. The Navy states that the third design featured improved armor against shellfire and torpedo attacks over previous battleships and “would have been the only new World War II era U.S. battleships to be adequately armored against guns of the same power as their own.” The Montana class battleships would have served on the U.S.

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Unfortunately for the battleship community, the reign of the battlewagon was already coming to an end. The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, and the destruction of the Royal Navy’s Force Z on December 10th, 1941 made it painfully clear that aircraft—including aircraft carriers—had eclipsed battleships as the primary weapon at sea.

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The Montana battleships were initially delayed to prioritize new aircraft carrier construction, then cancelled outright in 1943. The U.S. Navy would not build a ship as large as the proposed Montanas until 1955, when the supercarrier USS Forrestal entered service. Like Montana, Forrestal was approximately 900 feet long and had displaced 80,000 tons fully loaded.

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The U.S. Navy never built more battleships after the Iowa class, let alone larger ones. The Montana-class battleships were obsolete before the steel was cut for them—tragic for battleship fans but proof that the Navy was heeding trends and choosing to spend resources wisely during a turbulent and stressful time.

Ironically, had the Montanas been built, we might look back on the battleship era with considerably less pride and nostalgia than we do today. Kyle Mizokami is a writer based in San Francisco who has appeared in The Diplomat, Foreign Policy, War is Boring and The Daily Beast. In 2009 he co-founded the defense and security blog Japan Security Watch.

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On-site expertise and our patented Purate™ Technology helped Egyptian Fertilizer Company reduce water consumption, maintenance costs, corrosion rates and chemical usage while improving overall plant performance and safety.

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