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As anyone who’s used China’s largest search engine in the past six months has probably noticed, the top results for most queries are dominated by Baidu’s own family of sites: the question-and-answer platform Baidu Knows, the Wikipedia-like Baidu Baike, and — especially — the blogging service Baijiahao, among others.Baijiahao is Baidu’s take on WeMedia, a platform for independent writers, bloggers, and journalists — some of whom produce valuable, insightful content; most of whom do not.

Baijiahao writers are generally not directly paid by Baidu and instead earn money through advertising, a business model that Chinese tech companies have almost uniformly adopted closed business models, greedily hoarding their data on their own platforms. – Fang Kecheng, communication specialist This wasn’t the case a year ago, much less five or 10 years ago.

If you asked it questions, it was possible to get worthwhile answers.But now, Baidu is no longer a place to search for content on the Chinese internet, but an internal search function for the Baidu ecosystem. As I put it in my initial article on the subject: It won’t lead you to high-quality spiritual nourishment, but rather its own hoard of rotten content.In that article, I note that Baidu had reached this point in part due to external factors: specifically the exit of Google from the Chinese market and the increasing fragmentation of China’s internet ecosystem.

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The current state of affairs is the culmination of efforts by the country’s tech titans to carve up the market and build their own “walled gardens” of content. Influential social media platforms like WeChat and Weibo don’t allow Baidu access to their sites and data, for example, and even e-commerce sites such as Taobao keep Baidu from indexing their wares.

Walled gardens are hardly unique to China, but I’m afraid the problem is particularly serious here. All we’re able to find on search engines these days are tattered remains.Ultimately, however, the real reason for Baidu’s ongoing troubles is its poor business decisions, which functionally amount to drinking seawater to quench your thirst.

After the publication of my article, some blamed the company’s predicament on inferior technology and algorithms, but when Baidu was founded in 2000, its search technology was already good enough.The problem is that they’ve adopted a wrongheaded business model: The company is trying to turn itself into a marketing platform.

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Of course, this is hardly a sustainable business model. Over time, as it becomes increasingly hard for people to find what they’re looking for, they’ll just stop using Baidu altogether.In its response to my article, Baidu admitted the importance of platforms such as Baijiahao to their business. “There are currently 1.9 million Baijiahao creators, including both authoritative media and information organizations, and large numbers of independent authors,” the company said in a statement.

A functioning, high-quality search engine is a necessity for users looking to access the broader internet. Without one, we’re left either blind and adrift in a sea of information, or trapped inside a walled garden, unable to see what’s on the outside.Translator: Kilian O’Donnell, editors: Yang Xiaozhou and Kilian O’Donnell.(Header image: A woman stands in front of the Baidu logo at an event in Shanghai, Nov.

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Toutiao is suing Baidu for unfair competition after (alleged …

编辑 锁定 百家号是全球最大中文搜索引擎 [1] 。百家号的使命:帮助内容创作者“从这里影响世界”。 中文名 百家号 [2] 外文名 Bai Jiahao 网 址 baijiahao.baidu.com 百家号使命 从这里影响世界 百度使命 用科技让复杂的世界更简单 1 发展历程 2 内容发布 3 内容变现 4 粉丝管理 5 辅助平台 6 移动产品 ▪ 软件介绍 ▪ 版本迭代 2016年 9月28日, [3] 10月12日,百度公布旗下 [4] 11月23日,百家号2016内容生态大会上宣布,百亿分润计划中的100亿分润将完全分配给百家号作者。 [5] 2017年 3月9日,百家号宣布上线图集功能,并首先以女性图集为切入点,发起“Top100百家女神”榜单,鼓励女性自媒体人发布以自己为拍摄对象的图集作品。相较于普通图文,大图模式能够帮助图集作者有效提升点击量、阅读数和读者时长,将大大丰富百家号平台内容。 [6] 5月,为简化广大百家作者的发文流程,百度将对 [7] 为了帮助优质内容真正影响世界,百家号在上线一周年之际宣布正式启动“千寻奖”内容创作大赛。从2017年9月25日至12月5日,“千寻奖”将分阶段面向创作者征集作品进行评选,并在年终颁发最具影响力大奖。 [8] 12月,百家号上线了智能天气播报功能。通过接入 [9] 第四季度,内容原创者从2017年年初的20万上涨至100万。 [10] 2018年 1月18日,以“争鸣”为主题的2018百度百家号内容创作者盛典于北京举办。在盛典上,百家号重磅推出基于人工智能的辅助写作平台“创作大脑”、扶持短视频创作者的重要举措“百万年薪计划”。同时还为优质创作者颁发了“千寻奖”、“百+计划优秀作者”、“百家号年度人气创作者”、“年度杰出影响力政务号”等多项大奖。 [11] 2月6日,百家号与 [1] 12月12日,百度百家号内容创业中心正式落地成都,将利用百度“搜索 + 信息流”的双重引擎赋能当地优秀创作者,为成都内容创业提供沟通线上与线下的一体化个性成长服务,促进当地原创内容生态建设。百度大数据也通过“数说成都”还原当地人文风貌,为成都内容创业提供先进数据保障。 [12] 2019年 3月,百度百家号联合 [13] 百家号支持内容创造者轻松发布文章、图片、视频作品,未来还将支持 [14] 百家号为内容创造者提供广告分成、原生广告和用户赞赏等多种变现 机制。 [14] 每一篇百家号文章,在首页左上角醒目位置都有标志,引导用户进入作者的个人主页并对作者进行关注。作者可根据百家号提供的工具分析粉丝的人群属性,并通过个人主页针对粉丝展开各种运营活动。 创作大脑集成百度最强大的人工智能技术,是一个能够帮助作者极大提升创作效率和创作质量,并着眼于未来的开放创作平台。“创作大脑”的目标是“更懂内容”、“更懂作者”和“更懂未来”。 更懂内容 1)智能纠错:基于百度强大的NLP技术,创作大脑的智能纠错功能识别准确率已超过95%,相当于中国大学的学生的平均能力。 2)视频理解:引入视觉理解技术,在长视频中根据画面视觉、人物动作幅度、音频强弱等多维度组合,提取其中的精彩片段,自动生成短视频供作者创作使用; 更懂作者 3)知识图谱:在CMS编辑器引入百度知识图谱内容。写作过程,根据作者上下文内容识别、切词,从知识图谱引入和关键词相关内容资料,供用户写作参考; 4)视频转图文:引入百度云视频理解能力,根据作者上传视频,通过OCR及语音识别技术,提取视频内容转为文字,结合自然语言识别合成能力,整理成可阅读文章,供作者编辑、发布; 5)在线视频编辑:创作大脑有极为流畅的编辑体验,它提供了专业软件级别的在线编辑能力,包括视频的拼接、转场、配音等;基于百度强大的人工智能技术,创作大脑还提供了导演级的自动匹配素材、自动合成配音等能力; 更懂未来 6)AR&全景素材开放平台:内容创作者们可以把自己制作的AR素材或者全景素材分享至百家号开放素材库,或者使用库内其他创作者的素材。在全景素材上,各领域的作者们可以在上面二次协同创作。 [15] 百家号App让创作者能在手机上便捷的管理和发布文章、图集、视频等内容,查看内容和收入数据,以及实时接收平台公告和消息等。 [16] IOS V1.1 1、可以创建及发布视频,视频封面手机本地抽帧,速度快到你想象; [16] 2、新增图文草稿发布功能,完成覆盖所有类型的草稿都可以手机端发布; [16] 3、消息中心升级,消息通知实时推送,再也不怕漏掉消息; [16] 4、新增用户反馈功能,有任何产品建议和吐槽都抛过来吧,帮助百家号App做得越来越好。 V1.2.1版更新 1.

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Baidu saw a fast and steady decline of its stock price over the course of 2018, from 254.14 USD on the 25th of January 2018 to 162.7 USD on the 24th of January 2019.How to explain this 36% decline in stock price?By showing little focus on user experience and poor ethics, Baidu seems to be losing the trust of users and a sharp decrease in the engagement that will sooner or later turn into a drop in revenue.Baidu has been trying hard to come up with a narrative of success around A.I.

But its issues seem to come from its culture as well as its business, and a company’s culture runs deep and is challenging to change. Baidu Stock Price Dropped 36% in a year, Why? – The Downfall of a Tech Giant was last modified: January 27th, 2019 by Thomas Graziani.

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利用百度高级搜索,如何屏蔽百度搜索中的百家号搜索结果? - 知乎

baijiahao.baidu.com.png – 24.10.2018 – 波兰艺术圈

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Search engine Baidu has fully embraced fake news. This is according to the latest argument from a growing group of influential writers on the Chinese internet who are calling out Baidu’s business practices. Yesterday, Fāng Kěchéng 方可成, a veteran political journalist, published a scathing critique of the company on his Weibo account, titled “Search engine Baidu is already dead” (in Chinese).

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Toutiao is suing Baidu for unfair competition after (alleged …

Baidu Stock Price Dropped 36% in a year, Why? - The Downfall ...

Baidu Stock Price Dropped 36% in a year, Why? – The Downfall …

One example cited by Fang is a bombshell piece of news forwarded by his friend, which reports that the CIA has issued a posthumous apology in light of new evidence that proves Osama bin Laden was not involved in plotting the 9/11 attacks. Posted on Baijiahao, the news is a translation of a piece published by the Onion, the American parody news website.

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“Baidu wasn’t like this one year ago. It was far from this 10 years ago. Though it had various problems back then, it still fulfilled its basic responsibilities as a search engine. It served as people’s entry point to the Chinese internet,” Fang wrote. “But now, it’s more of a sitewide search engine for Baijiahao.” Fang’s article quickly gained a lot of traction on social media, with many Chinese internet users calling for Baidu to accept its social responsibilities.

In 2016, a 21-year-old student in China died of cancer after getting scammed by a hospital he found on Baidu. In the aftermath of the incident, Baidu displayed a remarkable lack of contrition. Last week, veteran journalist Wáng Zhì’ān 王志安 was dragged into a feud with Baidu, which threatened to seek legal action against Wang due to his mention of the 2016 scandal in an article.

利用百度高级搜索,如何屏蔽百度搜索中的百家号搜索结果? - 知乎


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https://baijiahao.baidu.com/builder/rc/home#网曝巨大黑幕 …

Links to Baijiahao “only take up about 10 percent of all search results,” Baidu wrote. “Baijiahao has 1.9 million bloggers and many of them are from prestigious media outlets that produce high-quality content.” Baidu’s defense of its aggressive approach to boost Baijiahao’s visibility was soon challenged by Fang, who pointed out that since most internet users only read the first two pages of search results, Baidu is clearly abusing its market dominance as a search engine by displaying links to its own product, Baijiahao, above those of other sources.


Toutiao is suing Baidu for unfair competition after (alleged …

Baidu Stock Price Dropped 36% in a year, Why? - The Downfall ...

Toutiao is suing Baidu for unfair competition after (alleged …

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“It would be much more convincing if Baidu can tell us how many links in the first page of search results are from Baijiahao.” Some users are already voting with their feet, or at least with their VPNs: “I switched to Google many years ago. You guys ever heard of it?” a Weibo user commented (in Chinese) on Baidu’s statement.

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