About Us

For all movie fans out there, we welcome you to our website – The Mers Club. Here, we will provide you with your all-time favorite movie sites along with their proxies and alternatives.

We cannot argue with people who really love movies and TV series. Aside from getting entertainment, watching is also a way of relaxing and consuming time while on rest.

However, going out and buying a ticket for cinemas costs a lot, plus the popcorn and cola to complete your obsession with movies. You might wanna save some money by going on the internet to search for some free movie sites. Unfortunately, many of these websites got banned in the past because of illegal activities.

So to help you guys, we have compiled some of the best movie proxy sites to watch your favorite shows. These proxies and alternatives offer free registration for you to access their wide selection of movies and TV series.

Just keep in mind that copying and distributing the contents are illegal. Watch anytime you want, but be responsible for all your actions to prevent future problems that may arise.

We hope to help you with this little act of kindness from our team. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are also open to your suggestions if you have any.