1337x Proxy Sites and Working Mirror Links for 2020

1337x was the top three most visited torrent site of 2016. This happened after Kickass torrents were shut down. And since then, 1337x has become so popular, millions of people now visit the website for new videos and other files you can get online. Unfortunately, it also hinted for authorities to block the site including Google. This is where 1337x proxy sites started appearing.

So if you happen to find the main site to be down and inaccessible, that’s because either your ISP or antivirus is blocking it. And this is what this article was made for; to provide alternatives such as 1337x proxy sites and working links.

1337x Proxy Sites

1337x Proxy Sites

Before we proceed, you should know that most proxy sites are temporary. They often only serve as a redirection or frontline so that users can have an easier time to visit the site. And also, it is a method to dodge away from the blocking and restrictions set by some authorities online.

Now, we have gathered and tested some known and existing 1337x proxy sites.  All of the links that we tested that worked have been included in the list. So rest assured that you will get to the 1337x main library and get exactly what you came here for. Here are the 1337x proxy sites and working links for 2020.

Please be reminded that we do not own any of these 1337x proxy sites. Therefore, we do not have any control over what the admins of these sites want to do with these links.

We will appreciate it if you guys could report and tell us in the comment section which 1337x proxy sites and mirror links are inaccessible. This way, we could update and find more links and proxies as soon as possible.

Get Protected with VPN

Visiting torrent sites such as 1337x proxy links can be dangerous for your computer or smartphone. Therefore, it is necessary that you install protection other than your resident antivirus.

Antivirus software is a good defense for malware and such. But most of the time they are unreliable when the culprit is a human and online. Sometimes, they are even the reason you cannot access 1337x proxy sites. Just like what Malwarebytes does recently.

So what you should do is to get a reliable VPN app that will suit your needs online. And this is where we can help you big time.

What is VPN?

A VPN app or service is a useful tool and quite necessary these days. It can give you a secure connection wherever you are in the world to another part of the globe. This means that it can create a virtual tunnel in which you can use to communicate to another website, IP address or server.

The best part about a VPN app is that your privacy and everything you do on your device will be private from any prying eyes. And this means that your private information and financial accounts will not be compromised.

Some people use VPN to make it look like they are in another country so they can bypass geo-blocking on some parts of the world. And to some, VPN is a way to get low plane tickets when traveling internationally. You can check out more VPN uses with more research and reading.

Best VPN

Now that you know what you have been missing before you knew VPN, we suggest that you get one immediately. Install one now especially when you want to visit any torrent site. Be safe. Choose one from this shortlist of best VPN apps.

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • StrongVPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • SurfShark

If you still want to learn more about VPN before subscribing to a premium account, we would suggest you try some of the free trial periods available on any of the listed brands. TunnelBear and Windscribe offer limited data for a limited period of time. This way, you get to test it out first. And discover what VPN can do to improve security and your online way of life.

Finally, since we have mentioned earlier that the 1337x proxy sites are temporary, we just want to remind you to please mention any inaccessible links down below. And if you know any mirror links that are not listed above, please be an angel and share it here with us. Let’s help each other out and maintain a positive community. Thank you for

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